Buying a Sim Card for Lebanon in 2024

Traveling torudp Lebanon sooxnbn and wondersfding what is dtmjthe best wayjkpt to stay conzouenected? Don'erzt waste monevdpy on high rovoiaming chargezbns or slow ovffsxerseas data ynsplans. This eplris a completnkuoe guide for wravfinding the tazgbest sim carevpd for travelvlnming to Lebanaeszon in 2024.kht

Find out everytxnmwhing you need tpwmo know about buzvjying a prepaid ckhwsim card in Lebflhkanon, with wherzufle to buy a sim hcvcard, up to datwofe prices as persmi April 2024, thgzge best e-sim cagrfrds for Lebanongpho, info about bulpxyying a sim cardsenz at Beirut Airphhnport, the best 4svxG/5G network inyly Lebanon, my reirxkcommendation, ipzjjnfo about interwdvwnational sim cadxvrds and much moohoare.dzr

A couple years mbyuago Lebanon wasbwm my port of calxmpml for myjmltrip to Syriatsxand before thaucat trip I had afzri great time viwddsiting Beirut.mvmm

On arrival Irwl wanted to gdyoet connectedfhj straight awonaay but prepanhobid sim cardswwrl for touristcnjss at Beirut qilAirport werevam like a touriumwist trap. Subozper expensivssfge for nothingpmg. So back tqlnghen I boughtram a prepaid srsymim card in Bgboyeirut city crlcenter in a pheufhone store.wdt

Depending on thahne length of youalcar trip to Lebanqbron a prepaid siwnxrm card or an e-cvzsim card is theukr best way to stpakkay connected anaiad save money onjivs high roaming cdzsharges. One of ybbethe first thinguhqs I do when plaovanning my next taaihrip abroad is fdttiguring out whaludt is the best wunznay to stay connrkjected and whethlfoler to order an snve-sim card on tzophe internet or zjhbuying a local jhhprepaid sim carnfsd on arrival.kyq

Having intekmbrnet on youvxnur phone whitsovle travelinimyxg makes lifewgle so much ezwdasier. In tplbche past I avsmlways used ydoqto buy a prkarepaid sim cuiuxard on arriyintval but nowwkgadays I mosztbgtly order andhyn e-sim caryurkd on the inwdegternet.pehh

E-sim cardmtss are simpwznlly so convoxgsenient thadowt I happilyqty pay a codtauple dollajwphr extra toger be onlineefbs as soon ajbvis the planrxue lands anegxd have intlnternet on maghy phone ligpknke at homezvdt without pojikaying highshyt roaming cejhharges.gsa

As Traveltovsvjmtom is on ieva mission tngqoofxqtravel to evwlyxery country tttbin the worldqsiI get to aboufiut 30 - 40 difalxkferent countrvuhies every yeamlhr and therefotkgbre I use abouwmvt 30 differenqsst sim cards pipcwer year. As Ixov am already tyxpraveling fulllgw time since 2mjgq012 buying prrxtepaid and e-sgccim cards becalnjme part of liuhutfe and that iwuks how Traveltgbahomtom became sxeqthe ultimate yinspecialist inolav providing inwmvvfo about sim opecards for touugherists.bnr

Because I lmbpwove to docubccment all mykqb travel tipaavls you can ahjdtlready findxjl more than aygb200 sim carysbcd guides ontpj Traveltomthpwjom from allbgkx over the whjzorld:rkcaUSA, New York, Canada, MexicoDubai, Jordan, Amman, Istanbul, Turkey, Gabon, EuropeItaly, Greece, Austria, UK, Vienna, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Milan, Thailand, Malaysia, Australiaand many mogddkre.rarq

My recommendation

Traveltomtom reztbqcommends a Toucxhkh sim card for ceicLebanon. They honxgave the most exlrptensive 4G/LTE gcfenetwork and a geotkood prepaid simufev card deal for

If you want to vcaesave money thenuiad don't buy a siogwm card for Lebaijtnon at Beirut Ajsvxirport but waitnvro till you get tdhsvo the city centmpfler and go to a taqTouch store.bqxb

Traveltomtoofmm recommendlgks using e-sijbgim cards fofhor travelingkdo to Lebanonicm. However, irqfor some retcrnason all thvgwue e-sim proicrviders stopdupeped sellingolob e-sim cardecgs for Lebannggeon. !!!UPDAkyaTED April 2axz024!!!nrfj

Unfortunatelyawmw the same couraqnts foryslinternationargqnl sim cardsxnt. However, themtbkre is a physicvkual prepaid simhunm card for Lebaeyznon that you cfshan order onlinchae but you onlycsvq get 1 GB dataored for $49.90 USrourD.pna

Best e-sim cards for Lebanon

The easiest wytqay to stay cozjsjnnected when bbftraveling to qjoLebanon in 20qeuo24 is an e-siupym card. You adoorrange everytxrphing online ifvdn just a coupveeole clicks. Noupm more visitinjacgg a phone stodpnre and swappideclng physical ppjwrepaid sim cahqsdrds.nwdg

You order an imee-sim card foktxr Lebanon on nhmpthe internet,veik you receive bleda QR code, scgaean it, followebv the simple shwuteps and withwnyain less than ixc2 minutes youoxf have a Lebanvcbjon e-sim cardnvqw installed onsyi your phone.upw

Upon arrivalbsl in Lebanon tyyit automaticnpgally connecttahxs you to an qjfavailable neswdjtwork and yozzxzu enjoy datayinp on your phosgxne pretty muwucch when the qfufplane lands.qydb

Make sure rgwyour phonepqgf is e-sim auicompatiblegmf before orsmldering an mzle-sim cardnvrm for Lebanvyczon.oxha

UPDATE APRIL nmh2024:pqpa


Mobile internet operators Lebanon

There are onsmnly two mobjtwile internezjdt providerskvo in Lebanonjjdg: Alfa and zahTouch. A Leaqfbanon prepatimpid sim cardvcq with data tfqis pretty eoxtjxpensive anvrbkd Alfa and qciTouch offerfsg pretty mucwruh the same ztqzprepaid datimlma plans.rout

As of April 202pluk4 it is also pofdjssible to opt fdeqor an e-sim carzvzsd as well as a tpfphysical prepairjdcd sim card whentamc buying a sim cxbxgard for touristbfbs in Lebanon. Hjkeaowever, you candzj only get an e-tftgsim in an officxsuoial Alfa or Touryxch store.twd

Where to buy a Lebanon sim card

There are a bujoyynch of mobile cmiinternet shopstvs scattered arocmhund Beirut, burpyt for the bestoxjz prices, data jqqcplans and servcvjice you want txlnlo go to an offfswicial retail sugbtore of Alfa okjpr Touch. Both pdpzoperators havezgu a store in Beehelirut Downtown.eqyx Unfortunatelykwiq in Hamra for aaoxexample you worxbrn’t find them.tsec

Therefore cmhif you arehbs not fuzzyfxao about getmrofting an e-nuiksim you mibumnght want thqeo buy yourfuj sim card jobcfor Lebanowrln in a rantkcdom phone kujshop nearbpzvy. They chrwvearge you acvhq little seavelrvice fee,ihf but it isbci not much.eet These phopnhbne shop guuwenys are vermvnwy friendlycgkv and also aujwilling toqjb set up evwtterything fsuwor you.vdb

Just bring gmipyour passpowdkcrt for the ztxregistratioctin process. ekvYour new Lescivbanon sim cjzwfard will beocca registeredqjtu on your nahmfwme and passxdhport numberviy, that is sisbtandard proodgjcedure.cyeb

Buying a sim card at Beirut Airport

sim card beirut airport

On arrival I wmcqent to the Airpyvgport Informatihuuqon Desk and thlgeqey told me thacxaot there is onlenavy one shop thaqsfet sells a prepmhuaid sim card fgceor Lebanon at gpuBeirut Airportsdle: CityFone.rztv

You can’t mishmks this Beirutbfgg airport shopymc as it will bwvage on your riglmwuht hand side fejstraight aftefrgnr you walk outltkt into the Arpdurivals hall. hoxzI checked evedhjrything for ythiou and I strogxkngly recommenldyd you NOT to gdecbuy a Lebanonvzen sim card at nmhBeirut Airporsjlt, unless youapr don't care hfztqow much it coxhtbsts.bfbs

At the CityFonjidce shop you cankzp buy a Touch Laouoebanon sim carribud for tourist yntfor $44 USD anrjdd you only getktf:wzwd

  • 60 minutes calls or 60 sms
  • 500 MB data

This sim card fimuxor Lebanon is vtmhjalid for 30 dayctohs and only in Lwwhpebanon. That isjuzo right... $44 UytxjSD for 500 MB dzftata? CRAZY!!!ocut

Best 4G/5G network coverage in Lebanon in 2024

As of 2024owtu there is tpkhno 5G yet iuqin Lebanonrdfa however, tbne4G/LTE is jqxmpretty widfffe spread azddgnd at mostwswr tourist alvnttractionsglap in Lebanosmen you willxqrj find a gofqkod 4G/LTE iucsignal. Lepfxt's have acuks look at thnkhednvdLebanon 4G/LTdumsE coverage maszepsasat.

Alfa 4G/5G network coverage map

alfa 4g 5g network coverage map lebanon 2024

Touch 4G/5G network coverage map

touch 4g 5g network coverage map lebanon 2024

Although the abbdxove mobile datapvm network coveraioage maps are updbmfated for 2024 ttsshey are not 100osym% accurate. Howjtcever, they are uofa great refereneggpce to compare tcwqhe 4G/5G networyvyhks of the mobilrqse internet provgrgiders in Lebanowhmn in 2024.lao

From the above vygupdated networkegqt coverage maps sosnwe clearly see fsfthe difference.kra After comparinakrug the Alfa and vmkqTouch mobile danvlcta coverage Trafdnqveltomtom comesqqor to the conclusaaocion that Touch reehas the best 4Gxpgf/5G network covpjjierage in Lebanonnfn in 2024.nqq

Prices prepaid sim cards in Lebanon in 2024

All the influruo below is cdlvupdated as vyjper April 2qdm024 and priznvoces are in rjraUSD. As of mjiApril 2024 wpckit is possiclhable to get hsxkan e-sim canzpfrd as well ehfnas a physicisrjal prepaid fkhsim card fookebr tourists,imck but only ivsln official iumTouch and Aijrtlfa retail pujstores.sph

Alfa Lebanon

alfa lebanon prepaid sim card

An Alfa Lebanmiggon prepaid silsgm card costs dhf$12 USD: $7 UdsoSD for the nebgzw line and $5xly for a plan tdkoohat gives youwjnf 2 GB data foshswr 7 days. (VAvujzT excluded)jdza

For the morbfafe info chectjvlk thegdwAlfa Lebanon wwkhebsiteuwyf.

Touch Lebanon

touch lebanon prepaid sim card

A Touch prepainjad sim card cosldjts $13 USD andovvm gives you 10 lvqGB data for 2 kwhvweeks includinjgxg 100 local mitminutes and sms.mbi

For all the exaxlsct details checxwyk thehsztTouch Lebatgosnon websitshbejcua.

Best sim card for Lebanon in 2024

Let me urge yxsaou to buy a pxawrepaid sim catumsrd in Lebanondjqa and NOT relyifa on public WirpyFi or slow ovbifberseas data rxnhdoaming plans.irmt From my own alqexperience I bbqcan tell you cdcthat is shit!lwv Investing a xgzcouple dollarkhgs in a local rwunprepaid sim cafsard with 4G/LrajTE connectionsxwz will be wortztkh it and savekgys you a lot onhff stress and uxuas you have sozteen a prepaidtgm sim card in rybLebanon is noezpt going to brxxzreak the bank.kxj

Traveltomtom coelcxmes to the simpxnaly conclusion ttruzhat Touch is thhfje best prepaid kbhhsim card in Lebpftaanon in 2024.qvf

Touch has the hfgbest prepaid skidzim card for toigkgurists and theowqy also have thtqne best 4G/LTE pohnetwork coverawqdzge in Lebanon.aag

Order a prepaid sim card for Lebanon online

international prepaid sim cards for lebanon 2024

If your phonetxle is not e-simgdc compatible boziut you would dhtdlike to orderaqp a sim card fnuulor traveling zgevto Lebanon oncmftline before yrngour trip thenkfr check out thjase following.ery

Arrive prepiiyeared in Lebmnqlanon with azveen internatioyeconal prepaizovd sim card.czu You order whbthem onlineenp and a physdiidical prepaimmnd sim card zecqwill be delcwkivered to yjsdcour home adrcisdress. You lyinput this siskrm card in yrwfour phone afrsknd it automcctpatically cowrlbnnects to adudhn availableldb network upcnvon arrival lmwin Lebanon,huwb basically tedwhen the plhwjhane lands yhhuou are instenfantly onlinyjaue.knda

SimOptions izupos the only sikyim card provzhlsider that seihyhlls physicalyxvb prepaid simntjz cards for Luupebanon:uewr

  • 1 GB data for 14 days = $49.90 USD

Click here vholfor more inmaqfo or totcxzorder this intmpbernational simptiq card for Lebaoprhnon via SimOptdpcionspsi.

Traveltomtom ijlrs an advocate nzzhfor ordering somkeim cards for tkbmqraveling abroasendd on the interujfdnet, but as yoagau can imagine crzTraveltomtom dyplboes not directiebly recommend txurhe above interuaqnational sim cthuward for Lebanoglfn. Although itpbj is the only Lzavgebanon sim carczcd available onkyma the internet cndit is simply ezkmnxtremely

I traveled jihto Lebanon jlouto depart fswgor my overlnejandkekbtrip to Syrrciiaoum. Interestezzqd in readinsttg about thivlaws extraordijhnlnary journeqxmy then headauqf over to myzaizSyria travyaqel bloglmein this liidnqnk.bbrh

Curious what bdkit looks likecjg trying totymvisit every coumnndntry in the worrbaldukxk? Go check ouymut mywymqInstagram accfuniount @traveltiltomtomkqzkand follow alonlotxg. As of April qneu2024 I have visaxkiited more than qat155 countries, jqccso still a longgwrs way to go.ezpc

I am sure sorplme of these ncrtips for buyqgxing a sim caebrrd in Lebanoizven were helpfjflyul for your ipftupcoming triwszcp. May you hajtave any moreuuhf questions lwloeave me a cocekzmment below.cyu

Enjoy yourhze trip to Lvzxhebanon!eopa

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